Nature Watching

Nature Watching

The nature observation database has been set up to allow everyone interested in nature to record their observation data on various species. In addition to observations of living specimen, sightings of traces of activities (footprints, droppings) and dead specimen (e.g., animals hit by vehicles) can be entered in the database. The nature observation application is a convenient tool for nature lovers to record and share their observations.

We recommend using these tools so that the emotions experienced could be given a wider meaning and would become part of nature conservation activities.

Notes of a birdwatchers - Jeremy Mynott

Notes on birds seen and heard on Saaremaa during my visit, 9-19 May 2013

I was based at Loona Manor the whole time, made two day trips to Vilsandi island, went twice to the Vidumäe reserve, made one drive to Sääre in the SE, but otherwise just explored the local coastline and forests in the NW near Loona.

Weather was dry all week with a lot of sun, with the temperature rising to 25 degrees C by 18 May. There were dense sea mists round the coast some mornings. Trees were quite bare when I arrived but were showing some leaf by the 19th. I was told the spring here was up to two weeks late this year, as it was in the UK. Mosquitoes started emerging seriously on the 18th. It was light till about 1030pm (clocks are two hours ahead of UK summertime).

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Steller's Eider

he most endangered seaduck in Europe, Steller’s Eider (Polysticta stelleri), is a good reason to visit Saaremaa in winter. The coast of our island is the most important wintering area for Steller’s Eider around the Baltic Sea.

These eye-catching birds arrive in December and leave around the beginning of April. The best time to observe Steller’s Eider is January and February when congregations may reach 1,000 birds or even more. Birds form dense flocks where they behave synchronously, especially when diving.

Read more: Leho Luigujõe, Andres Kuresoo and others "Waterbird Populations and Pressures in the Baltic Sea", 2011