Hikes and camping


Open hiking trails and local nature guides will help you explore Vilsandi National Park and Viidumäe nature conservation area.

If you start your trip from Loona Manor, we recommend visiting Kiirassaare harbour (2,5 km), Ilaste windmill (2,5 km), Kuusnõmme peninsula (9 km), Miku forest park (1 km), Kihelkonna church (3,5 km) and Mihkli Farm Museum (6,5 km). The main sights in Western Saaremaa are marked on the Saaremaa Nature Tourism map.

From Loona to Harilaid

Harilaid is one of the most peculiar “young” peninsulas in Saaremaa, located at the north-western end of the island. It is a low plain with a height of up to 5 metres.

The plane has versatile hiking trails. The longest stretches to 11 kilometres and the shortest to 6 kilometres. You will walk through a sandy and stony peninsula featuring a variety of plants and animals. The nature trail leads to the famous Kiipsaare lighthouse which was on dry land as recently as 20 years ago.

You can walk or ride a bike from Loona to Harilaid, which makes a 22-km journey. If you prefer shorter trips, we recommend driving to the starting point of Harilaid hiking trails. You can start your walk from there or rent a bicycle from the parking area.

From Loona to Vilsandi

The Käkisilm-Vilsandi hiking trail is currently closed due to construction works on the seabed, but it is still possible to walk to the island of Vilsandi through the sea from Kuusnõmme peninsula when the sea level is low. The journey to Small-Vilsandi through Käkisilm bay is about 5 kilometres. It is important to be watchful of the changing sea level in the bay as it may rise to one metre, and the current may be strong.

Before you start your walk, consider your physical fitness and the weather conditions because the undertaking may not be safe even in nice summer weather. The most up-to-date information is available by calling the local boatmen at +372 515 5100 or +372 5667 1555. They will also come to your help if you need transport on your way back through the sea. The boat trip from Vikati harbour on Vilsandi island to Kuusnõmme peninsula costs €65.

To Vilsandi by boat

The boat trip to the island of Vilsandi starts from Papissaare harbour. A road sign at the centre of Kihelkonna directs you past the church to a cobbled road. After about 3 kilometres you will arrive at the harbour. As scheduled trips to Vilsandi are not available all year round, boat trips can be pre-booked. Call +372 515 5100 or write at marko@islander.ee. A return trip costs €150 and the boat seats 10 passengers.

Information on regular boat connection is available on the website of Saaremaa municipality and on www.saarelaevapiletid.ee


Campers can stay on the grounds of Loona Manor with their tents; there are plenty of suitable spots. In rainy and chilly weather, campers can use the rooms in the attic of the former carriage house. On the ground floor of the carriage house, there are two WC-s. The shower room of the sauna in the cellar of the manor house, and the shower in the former granary can be used. Breakfast at the café of Loona Manor is available for a fee. Campers can also cook their meals over a campfire if they wish.


Camping: €8 per person.
Camping with camper van: €12