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To Vilsandi on foot

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When the water is low, it is possible to walk through the strait of Käkisilm from the tip of Kuusnõmme Peninsula through the sea to Vilsandi Island. It is essential to keep a close eye on the water level of the deepened Käkisilm, as it can reach the navel area of a grown-up person and the current can be rather strong, as boats to Vilsandi pass by. The length of the hiking trail is about 5km. Vilsandi island is located in Kihelkonna Parish, Saare County, and it is the westernmost populated island of Estonia. Its area is 9km2. The distance between Papisaare Port and Vikati Port on Vilsandi Island is 10km.


It is possible to go to Vilsandi by boat from Papisaare Port. There is also a hiking trail to Vilsandi through the sea, leading from Kuusnõmme peninsula to Väike-Vilsandi through Käkisilm.


If you’d like to discover Vilsandi National Park on your own, then you can get information and a map from us.


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