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Group menu



Menu #1

Lamb soup

sheep, barley, black plums, sun-dried tomatoes

Berry soup with curd
curd, whipped cream, berry soup
Price 12€


Menu #2

Fish filet

Fish filets, mashed potatoes, salad,  dill-sour cream sauce

Berry cake with merengue topping

Redcurrants, condensed milk
Price 15€


Menu #3

Pan bread with dill-sour cream sauce

grated potatoes, onion, smoked pork, dill-sour cream sauce

Meat stew
pork, smoked meat, vegetables, roasted potatoes, salad

Warm home-made white bread

white bread, butter, honey, jam
Price 16€


Menu #4

Spiced small herring salad

Spiced herring, black bread, fresh salad

Meatballs made of lamb

locally grown lamb, rosemary roasted potatoes, roasted vegetables, cowberry chutney

Berry soup with curd
curd, whipped cream, berry soup

Price 17€


Coffee, tea, water, herb butter and bread are also included.

Alcoholic beverages available on spot.

Minimum 10 persons are considered as a group.


Simple, natural, pure – just to enjoy!